OSN collaborates with Abu Dhabi Police to fight television piracy

OSN is collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Police to fight television piracy, which resulted in a raid of three shops located in the main satellite market in Electra Street, Abu Dhabi.

Around 202 pirate devices were seized, three individuals arrested and three shops closed. The raid followed OSN using market intelligence which they shared with Abu Dhabi Police Economic Crimes Department before submitting an official complaint and supporting the police with on-site support during the raid.

According to OSN, piracy is costing the MENA region’s entertainment industry up to $750m every year, a number which amplified due to Covid-19 lockdowns and the changing consumer habits related to it.

In its constant battle against piracy, OSN spotted and removed more than 380,000 links for pirated content online, conducted 43 raids across the region and seized thousands of boxes along with illegal cards in 2020.

As an active member of the Broadcast Satellite Anti-Piracy Coalition, OSN is working hand-in-hand with the enforcement authorities across the region such as Dept of Economic Development (DED) in the UAE, General Commission of Audio-Visual Media (GCAM) in KSA, Economic Crimes Police, Ministry of Interior, Communication and Information Technology Regulator (CITRA) in Kuwait, Ministry of information in Bahrain and the Antipiracy Police in Egypt.

The Director of Anti-Piracy & Content Security at OSN, Hanif Khan, said, “Piracy is causing enormous losses for the entertainment industry, the authorities and the end-users. As the leading entertainment network in the MENA region, it is our duty to work with the authorities and invest in equipment, training and solutions to combat this crime. Two out of these three stores had been raided before, and that means people can expect much harsher punishments and punitive fines if they continue to participate in these damaging activities. Indeed, solutions such as the OSN streaming application have had a positive impact and helped reduce some of the piracy usages due to its accessible price point and the quality of content. However, we still have a long way to go to reduce piracy in the region.”