Orange to partner with Huawei to launch 5G in Africa

Orange CEO Stephane Richard has announced the company has no issue partnering with Huawei in Africa. Some European countries, such as Britain and Sweden, had banned the Chinese company while others have encouraged telecom operators to opt for European suppliers.

“We’re working more and more with Chinese vendors in Africa, not because we like China, but we have an excellent business relationship with Huawei,” Orange CEO Stephane Richard.

“It’s not only the pressure from the government – we are European citizens and share the concern,” Mr Richard said in an interview. “We can’t ignore the fact that the big Chinese players are close to the Chinese state,” he added.

Huawei launched a series of 5G products and solutions oriented to “1+N” 5G target networks, saying that “supercharged by industry-leading innovation, these products and solutions will help promote multi-antenna technology to all bands and all scenarios to build leading 5G networks.”

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