One Africa TV partnered with seven local producers across Namibia

One Africa TV has announced the new partnership deal with local producers in Namibia to bring exclusive content to its viewers – shows like Wonder Women, This is Namibia, The Namrequest Show, MTC HopSol Youth Soccer League, MamaKobo Films, V10 Music Video Chart and 99FM Royal Hustlers.

One Africa TV director and content executive Taleni Shimholipeni said, “Since my start at One Africa TV it has and will always be my mission to bring more local content to Namibian viewers. Since 2016 we have increased our Namibian locally produced shows from two percent to 40 percent. One Africa TV recently partnered with seven external, independent local producers and is broadcasting seven new locally produced Namibian shows to be broadcasted in this month of May.”
One Africa TV’s parent company, Tribal Fire Group, and the station’s CEO, Stefan Hugo, lauded the increased local content as a boon for Namibia’s entertainment sector.

“The Namibian creative industry is a very important stakeholder in our Tribe Fire Studios’ dream for positive change in Namibia. We are extremely thankful for these producers that took hands with us to broadcast their content. We are humbled and proud that we can support the local content industry through sharing their stories with our viewers,” said Hugo.