Nigerian Film Corporation signs agreement with French Agency

The Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) signed a “cooperation” agreement with Moving Image for film production and the Center National du Cinéma (CNC). The agreement was recently signed in Abuja, Nigeria, by the director general of the NFC, Chidia Maduekwe and the CEO of the CNC, Dominique Boutonnat.

The agreement is the first of its kind in the audiovisual industry to be signed between Nigeria and any country. Maduekwe said that with the new agreement, France and Nigeria should create an enabling environment for their filmmakers to combine their expertise in film production, archiving and distribution. As part of this agreement, the CNC will provide its expertise to the NFC to enable it to acquire the skills required to manage its archives in a professional manner.

In addition to positioning Nigeria’s creative industry for new investment, Maduekwe said the agreement would build capacity, training and equipment to strengthen the NFC in the various legal frameworks available. The French Government will also grant subsidies to Nigerian producers to help them with the filming process. The agreement entered into force on January 14. It will last two years, unless it is canceled by either party before the expiration date.