Nigerian animated film ‘Malika: Warrior Queen’’ is now available on YouTube

The Nigerian animated film produced by Anthill Studios and YouNeek Studios, ‘Malika: Warrior Queen’ is now available on YouTube. The animated film is a historical imaginary epic delivered in an African setting, written and directed by Roye Okupe.

The film debuted at the Lagos Comic-Con last month and will be available at the African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) next month. The plot is set in 15th century West Africa and trails the heroics of Malika, Queen and military commander of the kingdom of Azzaz. Her story to the throne of Azzaz divided the country and after years of civil war, she was able to unite all the kingdoms into a great empire.

Roy Okupe, declared, “It is a really really great and very humbling time for me because this is why you do what you do, for people to be excited about Nigerian animation, Nigerian comics, Nigerian superheroes and that is what we live for.’’

The movie was produced in 10 months on a $ 60,000 budget by Anthill Studios, a visual media company based in Nigeria. Okupe believes this film will inspire Nollywood, the world’s second-largest film industry, to invest in local animators to make animated movies.

Okupe concluded by saying animation is the next step for Nollywood, “I feel like when we talk about the Nigerian animation and comic book industry and even the video gaming industry as well too, this is the next frontier and I feel like we are going to follow in the footstep of the music industry where in the next five to ten years we are going to see the same impact not just on the continent but overseas as well.”