New actors commended for the DTT deployment in South Africa

The DTT is seeing new actors collaborating for the smooth running and completion of the DTT project in South Africa. The Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, the South African Post Office, Sentech, ICASA and the Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa have been entrusted with the “digital migration” of South African citizens and the digital terrestrial television (DTT) programme. DTT is a reliable and cost-efficient means of distributing linear television and has many advantages over the old analogue broadcasting system in use today in South Africa. 

The Government has prioritised SA communities along the border areas for the distribution of set-top boxes to decrease potential frequency spectrum interference from neighbouring countries. In partnership with Umzimkhulu Municipality, the Umzimkhulu Post Office has reached 3 000 people, although not everyone qualifies as a beneficiary. Umzimkhulu Municipality, through a partnership with the Moses Koatane Institute and the Premier’s Office two months ago, trained youths to be installers of the programme. 

The Umzimkhulu Municipality supported the Umzimkhulu Post Office to foster an environment for the IEC to improve its address harvest programme by handing over data, which the post office has so far captured during the DTT. The harvest programme is meant to collect all addresses of beneficiaries of the STBs donation programme.

The rural areas of the community still face electricity issues, and this will be tackled in a move to ensure a smooth and uniform progress of the DTT in the region.