Netflix to release new season of Saudi drama series ‘Takki’

Netflix will release the third season of the Saudi drama series titled Takki on October 28, 2021. The series will be available in 190 countries around the world and available in over 32 languages.

Mohammed Makki, Director of Takki, commented on the series saying: “My journey with Takki almost 10 years ago on Youtube, and since then the show gained wide traction in Saudi Arabia. Takki was rated as one of the most popular YouTube series originating out of the Middle East and the first Saudi drama series achieving a record-breaking number of views. Today, I am proud of the return of Takki with a new season exclusively on Netflix which will allow millions of Netflix members -whether Saudi or global audiences- to watch the show that gives insights into the Saudi youth’s struggles and ambitions from different aspects. I believe that Takki won the hearts of the Saudi audiences as it reflected authentic and realistic stories about Saudi youth and gave a look into their world. The return of Takki S3 on Netflix is considered a significant move in light of the current development that the entertainment industry is witnessing in the Kingdom”.

He added: “My vision for Takki will always be the same; to tell local stories in an entertaining and dramatic setting for Saudi and global audiences. The series is a youth-centred story coming from Saudi with universal themes that anyone can relate to. Each episode features dramatic stories touching on these youth’s personal struggles and sacrifices in order to reach their dreams, with an exciting plot twist at the end that will take everyone by surprise”.

To recall, the third season returns with Malik and Bayan, the two local creatives who are struggling to achieve their long-life dreams. This season brings high production value, character development, intense drama in eight episodes that will keep the audience hooked until the end.