MultiChoice Nigeria to air new reality show on Africa Magic channels

MultiChoice Nigeria is set to broadcast its new reality show “Ultimate Love” on Africa Magic channels. The company made the announcement in late 2019, promising that the show would provide high-end entertainment to viewers

The organization is particularly enthusiastic about ‘Ultimate Love’ which will offer 16 singletons cohabiting and engaging in different activities in order to find their missing rib at the end of the show. The show is the first local reality show for the video entertainment company that first introduced us to the alluring and dramatic reality show Big Brother Africa and Big Brother Naija in the past two decades.

With the big success recorded on Big Brother Naija last year, the organisers are taking a longer shot, focusing on a concept that would leave the audience in a sweet and comforting state. “Reality TV shows are immensely popular because they showcase real people experiencing real life happenings and situations, thus connecting with viewers and fans on a personal and relatable level. There are fewer things realer than love, and Ultimate Love, our new and exciting reality show celebrates this,” commented John Ugbe, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria.

Indeed, Nigerians love reality shows that have elements of love. Most of the competitors who have always captivated viewers fall into two categories, those who are dramatic and those who are in love. A good example is the love matches that always happen with each edition of Big Brother Naija. There was the love story of Teddy A and Bam Bam in 2018 which finally ended in a marriage last year. The “Pepper Dem” season had Mercy and Ike. These love stories helped increase the popularity of the candidates as well as the show.

MultiChoice hopes to play the matchmaker in Ultimate Love, giving candidates a chance not only to find love, but also to have their dream wedding. The show will follow the similar format of Big Brother Naija. Eight males and eight females will be paired and will live together in an enclosed space for eight weeks. The main objective is to build a relationship with their respective partners. To achieve this, couples who are continuously monitored by live television cameras and personal audio microphones, will engage in a series of locally inspired activities to test their strength and sincerity as couples. I hope it will be a real test of their relationship. Like Big Brother, candidates will also have an affectionate big sister called “Auntie” who will interact with them daily. The choice to use a female counselor marks an inclusive approach on the part of the company to achieve gender equality. “Ultimate Love” will begin broadcasting on February 9 on the Africa Magic channels on the DStv and GOtv platforms.