MTN acquires Simfy Africa

MTN has announced that it has acquired Simfy Africa, a local music streaming company.

Simfy Africa and the 42 million titles in its catalog would allow MTN to launch in the coming weeks a music streaming service in Africa. Nevertheless, the telecom operator does not want to impose its image on the activity of Simfy Africa.

According to the CEO of MTN, Bob Shuter, “We will continue to operate in over the top, as an independent business with a dedicated team. It will not be rebranded as an MTN brand.” The latter already has music streaming services like MTN Music and therefore wants to let support the development of Simfy Africa by giving it a certain autonomy.

“Simfy Africa complements our digital offering, that already includes the very popular MTN Music+, as it provides our customers with a broader and more expansive music proposition,” declared MTN.

MTN will provide Internet packages dedicated to users of Simfy Africa.