Mozambique Telecom to launch 4G by the end of 2019

State operator Mozambique Telecom (Tmcel) will roll out 4G services by the end of November and will expand the national network with the support from China.

A statement from the company said, “Tmcel will introduce, by the end of November next year, 4G technology as part of the project to modernize and upgrade its entire transmission network.”

After the introduction of 4G in and around the capital, “the second phase of the project will be launched with a view to its expansion into the entire national territory, with funding already secured from the Chinese government,” declared, Carlos Mesquita, the Minister of Transport and Communications,

The two Mozambican mobile operators Vodacom and Movitel are already offering 4G coverage.

The 4G technology will be accessible only in the cities of Maputo and Matola, as well as in Marracuene district.