Mobily tests 5G network in Saudi Arabia

Mobily has positively led site tests in collaboration with Ericsson for 5G (fifth generation) in Makkah around the Haram area attaining speeds in excess of 1 gigabit (1,000 megabits). The tests by Mobily and Ericsson are the first in the Haram area, which has one of the highest mobile users in the world; upon deployment, 5G will enhance their customer experience.

The CTO of Mobily, Alaa Al Malki, declared, “Our vision as a company is in line with Saudi Arabia’s national agenda that emphasizes the importance of technologies such as 5G to form the pillars of an innovative society. Mobily continues its efforts in enabling digital technologies that empower customers and the ecosystem to lead the way to a digital future. Our partnership with Ericsson is part of our ambition to evolve towards the next-generation mobile technology 5G and contribute to Saudi Vision 2030.”

Subscribers will benefit from faster download and upload speeds with the 5G network, more constant connections, lower latency, to connect a higher number of devices to the network, as well as see significant reduction in device energy consumption and related costs. Users will also benefit a much better experience using certain applications such as VR (virtual reality). The quality of videos and streaming will also be distinctly boosted as higher definition will become the norm.

Mobily and Ericsson have a long and successful collaboration working toward the new era of 5G technology.