Mobily Fiber services now accessible on all fixed networks in Saudi Arabia

Etihad Etisalat Company (Mobily) will provide Mobily Fiber services following an arrangement to open broadband to offer fixed and fiber optic broadband services to 3.5 million homes.

Mobily declared that the broadband services for fixed communication networks through fiber optics technology will offer subscribers with an exclusive experience of high-speed Internet, and a rich experience in video streaming and e-gaming. The improved speed of response and interaction will boost customer experience.

The company stated that the service will be accessible through Mobily Fiber packages at speeds per the customer’s request up to 500 Mbps, as long as fiber cabling is offered from any fiber optic infrastructure service provider.

These developments are in line with the objective of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Communications and Information Technology Commission to offer broadband for fixed communications.