Media regulator in Gabon suspends private TV channel Media + for 30 days

In Gabon, the High Authority for Communication (HAC) suspended for 30 days the private television channel Media +.

According to the allegations of officials of the institution, Abu Becker Ndiaye, the managing director of Media +, refused to receive on the premises of the channel a delegation of the HAC.

“It was illustrated by a behavior which is nothing other than the obvious translation of a lack of respect and which constitutes a flagrant violation of the provisions. Yet, they had all been warned of the delegation’s stay led by the president of our institution, “said Lucie Akalane, spokesperson for the HAC.

“We have not received any call, let alone a letter. It is still an institution of the Republic that moves without warning. We will continue to issue until we receive an administrative notification from the HAC in due form,” retorted the director of Media +.