Maroc Telecom tests 5G in Gabon

The Maroc Telecom group, through its subsidiary Gabon Telecom, is testing mobile fifth generation technology in Gabon in Libreville. Three sites were selected: La Sablière, Boulevard Triomphal and the interministerial building of Battery IV. The test, which go on for six months and could be extended to one year, reflects the concern of the main operator to be ready for the future.

The experience of 5G, according to Gabon Telecom’s General Manager, Abderrahim Koumaa, will allow the company to evaluate the interest of this technology for innovative applications in the areas covered and to learn lessons for its future development. For him, 5G is not a simple suite of 2G, 3G, 4G technologies, but a totally different ecosystem that induces a total technological change in telecommunications resources and services.

The experimentation of 5G in Gabon does not mean that the country is already ready to deploy this technology, which requires many technical conditions, including the availability of adequate frequencies. On the side of telecommunications operators, it is necessary to emphasize the need for a significant investment for the establishment of a telecommunications network for 5G.

On November 14, David Chen, Huawei’s Vice President for Southern Africa, calling on African countries not to be swayed by technological trends, said that 4G still offers many financial opportunities that have yet to be realized been exploited.