Malcolm X to introduce his own YouTube TV channel in SA

The People’s Blesser, Malcolm X, is promoting his fight to support students, orphans and the less-fortunate to YouTube, with the introduction of his own channel.

Malcolm X TV will be covering student life, tuition, accommodation, meals, books and allowance needs at public and private tertiary institutions across Mzansi which he has been doing on his Instagram account for years.

Malcom X said, “My camera crew and I will continue with our normal campus and charity visits countrywide, and in neighboring states, to address students’ needs hands-on, like we’ve been doing in the past.”

He further explained that the channel will also cover needs at old-age homes, orphanages, mental institutions and HIV/Aids hospices.

He declared that he was encouraged to start the channel, which goes live soon, to offer students and charity organizations access to his philanthropy.

He concluded, “My philanthropy will hunt the needs of students and charities worldwide. YouTube is an easily accessible and cheaper platform to achieve this in most countries in Africa and beyond.”