Mad Solutions acquired distribution rights of feature film ‘Angeliena’

Mad Solutions acquired the distribution rights of South African feature film Angeliena by director/producer Uga Carlini. In October, Netflix launched Angeliena on its streaming service worldwide.

Set in modern-day, post-apartheid South Africa, a local hospital’s much-loved parking attendant, Angeliena, dares to put her lifelong dream of travelling the world into motion, when she is diagnosed with a fatal disease. The film is the debut feature film from award-winning documentary filmmaker, Uga Carlini, founder of South Africa-based Towerkop Creations, which specialises in telling female-driven stories.

The arrangement is part of Mad’s commitment to showcase diverse stories and voices from beyond the Arab region. There are considerably lower subscription numbers for streaming services such as Netflix in the Arab world compared to elsewhere, making the distribution across TV networks and cinema vital for raising the visibility of more independent content, according to the company.

Meriame Deghedi, Distribution manager at Mad Solutions, expressed her thoughts on the acquisition saying: “We have been following Uga since her previous work Alison, and we’re so proud to be working with such a talented and original director. Beyond Uga’s name on the film, this is a really touching, universal human story that will resonate with so many people across the world even though it comes from a specific culture”.

On the other hand, Uga Carlini, Angeliena’s Director/Producer added: “I’m delighted that a forward-thinking company such as Mad Solutions has selected Angeliena – it’s an honour to be working with them”.

To recall, Mad Solutions distributes international film and TV across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.