m-Gurush to launch the first International remittance service in South Sudan

m-GURUSH, South Sudan’s first Mobile Money service, has launched the ‘International Remittance’ services on their Mobile Money Platform. This is yet another ground breaking innovative feature from m-GURUSH that will enable customers to conveniently send money across Africa and beyond. The service will benefit m-GURUSH customers, especially the business and trading communities sending funds from South Sudan to Kenya, Uganda and the greater East African region. 

The customers will be able to send this money digitally either in US Dollars or South Sudanese Pounds from their m-GURUSH account from the comfort and safety of their homes. The international remittance service will enable m-GURUSH registered customers to send and receive money to several countries across the globe using mobile money. 

“We are very excited to offer this revolutionary service and it demonstrates our long-standing commitment to providing fast, easy, safe and convenient mobile financial Services to our m- GURUSH customers. Sub Saharan African and South Sudan in particular is one of the most expensive remittance corridors in the world, a service such as this one will tremendously bring down the cost of international remittances in South Sudan. From a Fiscal policy stand point, this service will increasingly position the South Sudanese Pound as a currency of choice given that a currency earns value from its ability to transact. This service will therefore further strengthen the value of our SSP.” Mr. Joseph Arinaitwe, Vice President m-GURUSH said. 

“Lastly, this International Remittance offering will be highly beneficial especially to the business community trading between South Sudan and her sister East African member states, including ordinary South Sudanese sending funds to friends and family in East Africa.” Mr. Joseph Arinaitwe added.