Liquid Telecom offers free additional bandwidth in Zimbabwe

Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe has announced that thousands of its enterprise customers would benefit from better-quality internet connectivity across the company’s fibre network at no extra cost.

Starting this March for a period of six months, Liquid Telecom subscribers will benefit from increased internet bandwidth with speeds of up to 50 percent faster at no additional costs.

According to the management of Liquid Telecom, this is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

“We are proud to announce an offer to reward loyal customers and we are offering 20 percent to 50 percent additional bandwidth to all our top enterprise clients. The promotion will run for 6 months and it commences on March 23. We are giving out a total of 36GBps for the duration of the promotion. The promotion will impact all sectors of industry, financial services, mining, agriculture, health services, education, retail and manufacturing and, tourism and hospitality.’’

The Regional CEO of Liquid Telecom Southern Africa, Wellington Makamure, commented, “Liquid Telecom is playing a vital role supporting businesses and the customers they serve with faster, higher capacity internet without additional expense. As a result, many organizations across Zimbabwe should be in a stronger position to maintain service delivery.”