Kwesé TV has new promotion for viewers

The news of subscribers paying for two months subscription are getting 60 more days of free connectivity has been warmly received by television customers. The promotion which which fell at the same time as the World Cup, added to the freebies that the operator has been offering to its viewers since its inception in October last year.

The country manager of Kwese TV, Wonder Msiska said the months long promo offers new customers to enjoy TV, to experience it’s the Kwese way. Msiska said all the new customers paying for the two months, get four months subscription, that is 60 days of free premium content. For existing customer they pay two months and get three months subscription.

Msiska said, “we have made it sure that TV should be affordable. Premium content is reserved for the people who can pay up a certain amount but with is we say, premium television should be for everyone.” He added “We understand the market we operate in. This is Africa, money is not easy to come by. We are multi platform, there a number ways which you can watch premium content, I mean people should not only watch television when they are at home. Actually, Kwese is Shona word, meaning everywhere.”