Jordanian series ‘Al Rawabi School For Girls’ now available on Netflix

Netflix’s original Jordanian series, ‘Al Rawabi School For Girls’, is now available on Netflix.

The story is about three girls who are constantly bullied at their school and they plan a great comeback against all their bullies. However, when they reach their goal and take revenge, one of them realizes that the world is not as black and white as it seemed to her before which leads her to question herself on her revenge actions.

The newly released series is an Arabic-language TV series directed by Tima Shomali, written by Shomali, Shirin Kamal and Islam Alshomali. The cast includes Andria Tayeh, Rakeen Saad, Noor Taher, and Joanna Arida.

This Netflix Original is not the typical mean girls drama series, although it does show the typical friendship drama, it also has its unique scenes and events.

‘Al Rawabi School For Girls’ will deliver a powerful message to its audience on how mental health is affected by mental and physical abuse in schools due to bullying, and director Tima Shomali focused on the female perspective of bullying in the show.

Shomali also aimed to help young women stand up and defend themselves because girls are taught to ‘stay quiet’. The goal for the show is not to spread to the middle east and the Arab world, but to go internationally and reach viewers all around the world, thus it has reached 190 countries in 32 languages.