Jawwy TV to launch new comedy show in Saudi Arabia

Intigral, a leading provider of digital entertainment and sports in MENA, has announced an array of fresh exclusive releases on its flagship OTT service, Jawwy TV, during the month of June.

‘FBI’, a new Saudi comedy series, a Jawwy original production revolve around three girls with one dream, to keep any girl from marrying the wrong guy.

Jawwy TV will exclusively release the digital versions of Kuwaiti fantasy movie ‘Back to 2038’, Egyptian comedy film ‘Inta Eih’, and Lebanese film ‘Tashweesh’ for the first time. It is also adding Egyptian comedy films ‘Hayati Mtbahdella’ and ‘Silah Altilmiz’ to its collection this June. 

Markus Golder, CEO of Intigral said “the company reaffirms its commitment to offering its customers entertainment of the highest caliber through providing distinctive content and a variety of options. We continuously update Jawwy TV’s library by adding new releases, including exclusive productions, which fall in line with Intigral’s strategy to offer quality content entertainment for the whole family.”