Jamie Oliver’s new show to premiere on FOX Life in MENA

Jamie Oliver is back with a new cooking show called, “Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On.” The 20-part series offers easy-to-follow recipes and cooking tips tailored to the current times. The show will air exclusively in the Middle East on FOX Life on May 15.

The series will be broadcasted every Friday and Saturday with two back-to-back episodes. 

In his new TV series, the celebrity chef and restaurateur will show viewers how to make the most from their kitchen staples. Jamie will be showing home cooks how to make nutritious and delicious food using simple ingredients.

“Cooking nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones has never been more important. This show will be packed with easy and delicious recipes that the whole family can enjoy, plus loads of tips, tricks and hacks for simple swaps and ways you can make the recipes work with what you’ve got. Let’s big up those store cupboard and freezer favourites and hero recipes you can take lots of ways,” the celebrity chef said.