IrokoX bags the deal with MTA Productions to launch MTA Interactive

The news has been announced by MTA Productions, a TV Production Company. IrokoX, the Multi-Platform pan-African Network (MPN) showcasing African talent, has sealed an agreement for one year, with the afore mentioned company which produces the hit TV shows entitled, ‘Meet the Adebanjos’.

Along with this pact comes the launching of MTA Interactive, which focuses on the creation of short-form African TV shows and formats. This will work with multiple platforms, languages and countries. It is the new venture from the British Nigerian producers. Short-form content from MTA Interactive will be distributed across the YouTube network of the Africa-focused MPN which has accumulated more than a million subscribers.

Andrew Osayemi, the CEO of MTA Productions revealed: “We have achieved success over the last five years by creating a traditional hit TV show in Meet the Adebanjos, which continues to license very well across Africa. However, with the changing media landscape, and millions more Africans with access to the internet, we are moving further online, and have been developing new TV formats that work across a number of platforms”.

Further, he stated: “We aim to produce over 500 short format videos in 2017 alone. Our partnership with IrokoX is fantastic because they have an extensive distribution network across their YouTube platform and can focus on monetising our content while we focus on production”.

On the other hand, Oluchi Enuha GM of IrokoX said: “We are delighted to work with MTA Interactive to bring their vision of African entertainment to the world. We see this partnership as a key moment in recognition of the potential growth opportunity for African entertainers around the world. We hope that MTA’s boldness will set a gold standard that will inspire other producers, creators and influencers to work with us, to realise the maximum value potential of their hard work and creativity”.