IROKOtv launched in Kenya

Often called the Netflix of Africa, IROKOtv had already started scrutinizing the Kenyan market back in October and now starts video streaming. The Nigerian video on demand service is aiming to target the popularity of Nollywood content locally and thus resulting as an expansion strategy into Africa.

IROKOtv co-founder Jason Njoku, said in his blog, “The big strategy for IROKOtv has been the shift from focussing on international business which is close to joining our profitable business units in a matter of months and finally the big development spent on the Africa business.”

IROKOtv is setting up kiosks in Nairobi to make free access data to download (movies and series) to customers in the business model deployed in Kenya. This move is set to remove as many obstacles of entry as possible for the Nollywood fans. So far, the company has already set up 25 kiosks around Nairobi and only 15 are operational. A kiosk finder is also available on the IROKOtv mobile application. IROKOtv said they have already set horizons in Eastlands, Westlands and in neighbourhoods on Thika, Mombasa and Ngong Road. In addition, they are present in Rwanda and have plans to move onto Zambia and Uganda in the near future. The company is venturing into local video on demand market which has become very competitive in recent months.