Intelsat and Stratosat to offer broadband in Central Africa

Intelsat S.A. has inked a deal with Stratosat Datacom to enable delivery of high-speed broadband services to sites across Central Africa.

The companies will offer internet and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) connectivity to markets in the region that lacked access to reliable communications capabilities.

The Stratosat NextGen managed service — powered by Intelsat’s FlexEnterprise — can be rapidly positioned and will initially expand the reach and performance of networks for small, medium, and large businesses in the region, including schools, hospitals, financial firms, mining, and agriculture companies. Stratosat NextGen will also allow multi-national enterprises to engage and connect with their partners and customers throughout the region, driving business and overall economic growth.

Intelsat’s FlexEnterprise is a protected, managed connectivity service with broad worldwide coverage that eliminates the difficulty of delivering high-speed broadband services to enterprises. FlexEnterprise delivers a superior experience while reducing the total cost of ownership and improving the economics of network expansion by pairing high-throughput connectivity from Intelsat’s space-based network with smaller, more capable ground hardware. This delivers dramatically enhanced network speed, coverage, and security, enabling access to services and applications that are not supported by traditional networks.

The Regional Vice President for Africa of Intelsat, Brian Jakins, stated, “Because connectivity is essential to supporting the growth of local and regional economies, Intelsat is committed to making broadband connectivity more attainable for businesses, communities, and individuals across Africa. Stratosat is the first of Intelsat’s FlexEnterprise partners to focus on expanding broadband connectivity in the Central African region.”

“Stratosat Datacom is pleased to partner up with Intelsat to bring unique connectivity to the Central Region in Africa. We are highly committed to empower local service providers to offer cost-effective broadband solutions to end-users,” declared Dieter Kovar, Schauenburg International – Africa Group CEO.