Image Nation Abu Dhabi’s feature film ‘Scales’ available on Netflix

Netflix released Image Nation Abu Dhabi’s critically acclaimed feature film Scales (Sayidat al Bahar) throughout the middle east region, following an award-winning festival season and cinema releases in Saudi Arabia and the USA.

The UAE feature film explores the changing role of women in society through the allegorical, magical-realist tale of Hayat, a young girl who refuses to be sacrificed to mysterious sea creatures by her village. Presented in black and white, the poetic film follows the unfolding social, familial and personal consequences of Hayat’s choice to defy tradition and walk her own path.

It has to be noted that Scales was produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi, which has multiple productions streaming on Netflix. The film joins Image Nation’s acclaimed Arabic-language productions Zinzana, The Worthy and Justice, already available worldwide.