Huawei Video to enhance its channels for its MENA viewers

Launched in April 2020, the on-demand, pre-installed video application on Huawei smart devices, Huawei Video has boosted exclusive and premium content.

Huawei Video+, the premium version of the video streaming service, takes things up a level. Now available in 13 markets across the MENA region, subscribers can watch more than 20,000 movies and TV series from around the world.

“Huawei Video is a direct response to our customers’ desire to be able to watch their favourite channels, TV shows and movies on their smart devices at any time and any place,” said Noha Jadallah, HUAWEI Video Operations Lead, Huawei Mobile Services.

“We’ve been successful in meeting their needs with a platform that provides a wealth of content, is user-friendly, and makes intelligent recommendations based on their viewing history and preferences,” she added.

The platform recently partnered with STARZPLAY, a leading regional content provider, to offer discounts of up to 63 per cent to subscribers in KSA, UAE, Kuwait, and Oman, when signing up to STARZPLAY through Huawei Video.