Huahua Media signs for the first China-Nigeria co-production

Huahua Media, in China and Nigeria, with Corporate World Entertainment and FilmOne Entertainment, join forces for the first co-production between the two countries, “30 Days in China”.

The film, which should be release by next year, will feature Chinese and Nigerian actors. “We are enthusiastic about this opportunity because it extends the influence of our art to global markets”. said Makun, who has been produced and has been starring in such hits as “Merry Men,” “A Trip to Jamaica” and “10 Days in Sun City” (photo), which ranks among the 10 most profitable Nigerian films of all time.

“30 Days in China” combines the world’s second largest film market (China) with the growing international ambitions of Nollywood, Nigeria’s biz movie. Although the industry has long been known, it has been turned into DVD, Nigerian filmmakers are rewriting this scenario. Budgets and production values are rising. The number of films released in theaters also increases, some titles qualify in prestigious showcases such as Toronto Intl. Film Festival. More than 80 Nigerian films were scheduled on the big screen last year.