Homebase TV to beam Obaapa Beauty Pageant

Homebase TV will air a new show called ‘Obaapa Beauty Pageant 2018’.

The accomplishments made by women in education, intelligence, leadership, independence, commitment to humanity and a desire for peace throughout the country will be the focus and key areas during the contest. The pageant will highlight the inner and outer beauty of the modern woman to gain self-confidence and passion.

The beauty contest is scheduled to last for about 12 weeks and will be held under the theme: ‘Ahuofɛ Ne Nimdeɛ’(Beauty & Knowledge). This will allow the participants to spread awareness via advocacy, take up various challenges and deliver speeches on women empowerment.

Time With City Gold Show presenter on Homebase TV, Fanny Aggrey-Fynn Amissah, declared that no date has so far been set for the debut of the pageant but this will be made official soon.