Gilat Telecom extends VSAT services across Africa

Satellite and fiber specialist, Gilat Telecom has extended its VSAT services in every country in Africa in order to offer next generation connectivity to some of the hardest to reach communities in the world.

Gilat Telecom has been offering satellite connectivity to Africa for more than 20 years, with a strong presence in East Africa and the DRC.

Gilat Telecom offers high speed satellite, VSAT and fibre connectivity services to NGOs, ISPs and MNOs in Africa.

As demand for bandwidth across Africa keeps growing, Gilat Telecom has invested in its VSAT offering to offer a number of new openings and features for customers including.

The Head of Engineering at Gilat Telecom, Davor Folkenfolk, said, “We use an extensive number of satellite providers which means we can pick the best service for our customers.  We can then help them to maximise their bandwidth so that connectivity isn’t something they have to worry about anymore.  Our new VSAT capabilities have been driven by demand and developed with our long-term customers. We thank them for their continued support and custom.”

Gilat Telecom has introduced a new self-control portal, which allows organizations full control over their networks and full visibility of all their services comprising of billing, OSS and BSS visible on the same dashboard. This portal was established mainly for the African market with e-banking, ease of use and availability. It provides faster time to delivery – with warehouses in seven countries and hundreds of field engineers, Gilat Telecom can offer fast and reliable broadband to an organization within just a few days, along with faster Speeds – downlinks of 70Mbps with up to 15Mbps uplink per single terminal.