GameMine partners with Chop Up in Africa

GameMine, a US-based mobile game publisher, has announced it is partnering with African mobile game development company, Chop Up to distribute the company’s African-themed mobile games worldwide, according to an article published on IT News Africa said.

“As GameMine continues to expand and refine our mobile game catalog, we are excited to be able to offer localized content to our subscribers,” says Daniel Starr, the CEO of GameMine. “We have a very strong presence in Africa and I’m confident ChopUp’s games will really resonate with our African subscribers.”

The partnership adds ChopUp’s selection of culturally-focused mobile games to GameMine’s already diverse library of titles, making them available to all of GameMine’s millions of subscribers around the world. Additionally, this partnership signifies GameMine’s continued growth as a leading global mobile game publisher and also highlights the diversification of its business initiatives in Africa.

ChopUp’s mobile games are firmly rooted in African culture and carefully crafted with the intention to provide something unique, fresh, and most importantly, entertaining. The company develops world-class, locally relevant games that tell the African narrative, and has an existing user base of more than 700,000 mobile gamers; a number that will increase into the multi-millions through the distribution agreement with GameMine.

“The GameMine partnership puts our company on the international stage and distributes our games to millions of people around the world,” says Zubair Abubakar, a Co-founder of ChopUp. “This huge boost in exposure is fantastic for our company, and we’re impressed that GameMine has shown so much interest in working with local businesses like ours. GameMine is taking concrete, proactive steps to create legitimate economic opportunities in geographic regions that need them, and we are very thankful for this.”