Fatafeat to launch new YouTube cooking series for KSA National Day

Fatafeat has cooked up an exciting gift for its fans in Saudi Arabia to celebrate KSA National Day. In a 5-episode YouTube series, internet celebrity couple Ali Almeshaal, a Saudi national, and his Canadian wife Jacquelyn will bring smiles to viewers’ faces as they cook traditional Saudi Arabian dishes with their trademark zestful personalities.

The dynamic duo has earned a large fanbase across social media, most of whom are from Saudi Arabia. They share a YouTube Channel named after Ali called Ali Almeshaal, which has over 730K subscribers. Their content focuses on celebrating the Saudi Arabian culture as Ali shares the rich history, food, and traditions of Saudi Arabia with his wife. Jacquelyn attracts many Saudi Arabian fans because she loves the country as her own, even learning to speak Arabic and cook Saudi Arabian cuisine. Their individual Instagram accounts have also garnered a prominent following where fans continue to follow their daily adventures.

It has to be noted that their cooking episodes air daily this week, 19th to 23rd of September, on Fatafeat’s YouTube Channel.