Expresso Telecom to deploy 4G in Senegal

Mobile operator Expresso Telecom in Senegal, a subsidiary of Sudanese Sudatel, has finally obtained the confirmation of the telecom regulator to launch 4G, after several months of negotiations.

The arrangement was signed last February 26, 2021, when a delegation of the Sudanese telecom group arrived in Senegal. Led by Magdi Taha the CEO of Sudatel, the delegation was offered an audience by President Macky Sall himself.

The telecom regulator said, “Thanks to a balanced electronic communications sector, the launch of 4G by Expresso Senegal is a great leap in the promotion of digital technology as a growth driver.”

Expresso Telecom received the 4G license a few days after the telecom regulator provided a formal notice to the company, accusing it of insufficient investment in its network.

Expresso Telecom joins Tigo and Orange, which have already rolled out the technology in Senegal.