Expedition Deep Ocean to premier on Discovery Channel in MENA

Five Deeps Expedition has successfully dived to the bottom of one of the world’s five oceans. The team completed a mission to reach what is commonly known as the deepest point on planet Earth: Challenger Deep within the Mariana Trench.

The Discovery documentary, Expedition Deep Ocean, captures the remarkable mission, marking World Oceans Day and shining a light on the impact humans have on our oceans, when its premiers on Tuesday 8 June at 10:40pm KSA on Discovery Channel in the MENA region.

Undersea explorer Victor Vescovo set a new deep-diving record and is the first human to make multiple dives, solo, to its hadal depths in the DSV Limiting Factor (Triton 36000/2 model submersible) the world’s deepest diving, currently operational submarine. The expedition reached a maximum depth of 10,928 meters[1] / 35,853 feet deep, 16 meters/52 feet deeper than any previous manned dive.

During the bold underwater mission in 2019, the DSV Limiting Factor completed four dives to the bottom of Challenger Deep and one final dive to the Sirena Deep, which is also in the Mariana Trench, approximately 128 miles to the northeast.

“It is almost indescribable how excited all of us are about achieving what we just did,” said Vescovo after arriving in Guam following the completion of the dives. “This submarine and its mother ship, along with its extraordinarily talented expedition team, took marine technology to an unprecedented new level by diving – rapidly and repeatedly – into the deepest, harshest area of the ocean. We feel like we have just created, validated, and opened a powerful door to discover and visit any place, any time, in the ocean – which is 90% unexplored.”