Etisalat rolls out UAE’s first cloud gaming service

Etisalat has introduced the UAE’s first cloud gaming service offering high-definition (1080P) cloud-based games straight to TVs on its eLife set-top box.

The new eLife TV service allows gamers of all ages to play the latest and most popular games without having a separate game console.

The Chief Consumer Officer of Etisalat, Khaled Elkhouly, expressed, “We are excited to bring this service to the market as it complements Etisalat’s vision to ensure the latest technology is available first to all of the residents in the UAE and to drive the country’s digital transformation. Cloud gaming on eLife TV provides us the opportunity to address the largely untapped casual gaming market that wants to play on the big screen and not just on their mobile. We believe that eSports and gaming will only continue to grow and that Etisalat will be the champion for this segment in the UAE.”

The new cloud gaming service will assist to present non-gamers to the gaming world, offering them access to an array of bestseller video games which are continuously updated, from some of the best publishers like Square Enix, Disney, THQ Nordic, Capcom and Codemasters. 

As telecom providers and game publishers all over the world struggle to offer next-generation services, there is a prospect to lead the market with new gaming services.

On the other hand, the CEO of Gamestream, Ivan Lebeau, declared, “Streaming video games is following the same trend as music and video, where more than 50 percent of content is streamed today, replacing conventional deployment models such as an outright purchase. Thanks to this launch with Etisalat, Gamestream is now present in UAE and continues its worldwide deployment with the best telecom operators.”

Users can sign up for a monthly subscription for exclusive access to top selling games. The basic offer is just 30 USD (Dh30) monthly with unlimited access to play 20 games, and the premium offer is 13.61 USD (Dh50) monthly and delivers 40+ games.

The gaming offer is the newest addition to eLife TV’s modern features and services. Etisalat’s eLife service offers a home telephone, high-speed internet and 4K TV service package.