Etisalat rolls out first 5G network in Middle East and North Africa region

Etisalat has recently introduced a super-fast 5G network on 5G smartphones for its customers, the first in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with a speed of up to 1Gbps and lower latency around 1 millisecond.

Etisalat subscribers can experience 5G access on ZTE Axon 10 Pro, the first available 5G device from Etisalat, the first in the line of 5G devices from leading global smartphone brands which will be unveiled this year.

Subscribers will be able to enjoy highly connected technologies combining physical and digital realms from AR and VR to IoT, AI, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, wearable technology and more. The connection will be 20 times faster than 4G and with ultra-low latency, the 5G service will offer users the opportunity to stream live 4K resolution videos anywhere and at any time, with virtually no lag.

Etisalat subscribers can now enjoy 5G and buy ZTE Axon 10 Pro using flexible Smart Pay plans on a 12-, 18- or 24-month contract starting from only 65.61 USD (Dhs241).

The 5G network is accessible for all Etisalat postpaid, prepaid, consumer and business customers using 5G devices. Subscribers will be able to use existing data packs on the 5G network.