Etisalat rolls out eLife Unlimited in UAE

According to a statement, Etisalat has launched eLife Unlimited, a set of home service offerings for advanced TV content at double internet speeds.

The new eLife Unlimited offer will provide Etisalat’s subscribers speeds up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) to view 590 channels from across the world including 4K content.

The Chief Consumer officer, Khaled EIKhouly, stated, “Today’s launch of the new home service offering ‘eLife Unlimited’ reiterates our unwavering commitment to delivering superior home internet and TV entertainment services for residents in the UAE.” 

Etisalat also provides a Commitment-Free option, which allows subscribers to put off the minimum commitment period by paying a monthly fee of 5.45 USD (AED 20).

EIKhouly concluded, “This is a result of Etisalat’s continuous investments in the most advanced network technologies to deliver the best customer experiences and content partnerships that bring the best regional live TV and on-demand content to our eLife customers.”