Es’hailSat to venture into OTT media services market

Qatar Satellite (Es’hailSat), which provides services to more than 180 television channels in the Mena region, including Al Jazeera and BeIn Sports, is considering several options for further expansion, including the risk of embarking on the Top (OTT) media services market, recently said a manager of Es’hailSat.

The Es’hailSat, Es’hail-1 and Es’hail-2 satellites are currently transmitting high-quality, high-quality DTH television content throughout the Mena region, said EshahaSat’s sales director Mohamed. Al Sayed.

The company launched its new teleport control station in Doha this year to offer customers with secure and independent satellite transmission. The high-tech teleport will also provide backup studios for television channels and serve as a disaster recovery facility for customers.Last year, Es’hailSat launched its 100% owned satellite, Es’hail-2, the second of its planned satellite fleet to complete the Es’hail-1 project, a joint venture of the French company; Eutelsat.

“We’re studying a number of options for expansion. But the new trend that we can see a future in is the OTT services. These are growing very fast, and we might think about these services also in the future. The company is thinking in different ways. Either we need to build a new satellite, a new requirement, or see the global market and try to, for example, acquire startup companies or new technologies,” Al Sayed said while discussing with The Peninsula on the sidelines of the recent Qatar Entrepreneurship conference.

Es’hailSat, considered the last satellite operator in the Mena region, is constantly evolving to offer the most advanced technologies in the market, said Al Sayed. He added: “Right now, in the global satellite market, there’s high-throughput satellite technology that offers very high-speed satellite internet services. We’re also studying this technology. For now, we have enough capacity. But in the future, we need to look into different services, and not just for TV channels and internet services. We need to look on the services that can help the companies, especially the telecommunications, oil and gas, and other customers to provide them with very high-quality services”.