DTT process set to start in Togo

The digital migration process in Togo will finally begin and the announcement was made last Friday by the parliament. The government voted on the current law regarding the legal regime applicable to audiovisual communications, which provides the legal framework for the creation of a digital global television platform.

Eventually the text plans the creation of the Office of Broadcasting of Togo (ORTVT), responsible of the production of the programs, and the Television Broadcasting Company of Togo (TDT) which will have for mission the diffusion of the signal and the monetization of the platform.

According to first hand information, the Togolese migration should begin by the construction of 9 digital television signal transmission sites.

 It is expected that Togo succeed if no dates is given Despite the late launching in aligning itself with the deadline set by the International Telecommunication Union in June 2020.

Even if  the DTT process in Togo has been started with a delay, it is expected that they will be able to align with the 2020 deadline set by the ITU.