DStv to roll out Africa’s first live TV shopping channel

TV Mall will be introduced on DStv 173 as from tomorrow, whereby presenters and product specialists will share information on a wide variety of shopping choices from fashion to furniture, technology to toys, and food to fitness. 

TV Mall is a 24-hours a day channel which will initially screen live for 6 hours a day. TV Mall will be available to DStv customers on Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access and EasyView.

The CEO of TV Mall, Nicky Fitz, declared, “In a vibrant digital and retail market place, we provide our viewers with informative and honest presentations so that they can make an informed shopping decision. We are empowering our viewers with access to the world of shopping at their fingertips. DStv puts our mall into living rooms across South Africa and enables us to introduce a higher standard of information, fair-value and customer service”.

TV Mall is all set to entertain DStv customers, while educating them on product innovation. The channel is a fresh concept for South Africa. Every product has a story and DStv allows the channel to demonstrate the product and visualize it in the lives of viewers. The shopping channel will offer customers the option to make purchases online, on a mobile app or through a call centre 24-hours a day.