DStv to release locally produced horror movie titled ‘Fried Barry’

DStv is bringing a new locally produced horror movie titled Fried Barry. This genre-bending, cult style film will premiere on DStv Box Office as a Cinema Premiere on 26 October 2021 just in time for Halloween.

The film is the feature-length directing debut of Ryan Kruger, who’s best known for directing music videos for some of South Africa’s biggest artists.

The titular Barry, of Fried Barry is a lowlife, drug-addicted father and husband trapped in a middle-class nightmare. While walking home in the dead of night after a drugged fueled bender Barry is abducted by aliens who subject him to unimaginable experiments and eventually taken possession of his body. With the alien now in full control of Barry’s body, a psychedelic journey through the strangest and darkest avenues of Cape Town, South Africa commences. Along the way, he learns about the weird and unforgiving world of humankind. The alien is forced to leave Earth when Barry’s body begins to deteriorate due to the abuse endured on his intense journey. The alien returns to his ship however not without taking Barry and those around him on a ride they will never forget.

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