DSTV to offer Pay-As-You-Go service to users in Nigeria

DSTV users in Nigeria may soon have access to the Pay-As-You-Go option to better compete in the industry, by facilitating payment for subscribers. Pay-As-You-Go or pay-as-you-consume is a pricing strategy in television broadcasting in which viewers are required to pay a fee in order to watch a specific programme.

John Ugbe, managing director of Multichoice Nigeria said that this service might be considered depending on whether their current business model and available technology would permit it. He said, “the Pay-As-You-Go option would reduce costs on the part of consumers in the sense that DSTV would charge them according to their consumption only and exclude interference.”

Already, one of MultiChoice’s strongest competitors, Kwesé TV, last year unveiled its Pay-As-You-Go package. StarTimes another rising competitor also recently did same. Therefore, MultiChoice has to follow suit or risk losing its customers.