DStv launches 24/7 WhatsApp Self-Service

MultiChoice Ghana has launched a battery of self-service platforms to assist customer better manage their DStv and GOtv service during the festivities. MultiChoice Ghana has launched a battery of self-service platforms to help customers better manage their DStv and GOtv services during the festivities.

Making the announcement, MultiChoice Ghana Managing Director Cecil Sunkwa-Mills said: “We anticipate increased traffic to our contact centers for reconnections, upgrades and resets, among others. The introduction of these self-service platforms is designed to enhance the customer experience and allow our customers to share more quality time with the people they love most.

With WhatsApp self-service, DStv subscribers can now upgrade their subscriptions, fix error codes, make payments, and even rent Box Office movies alone! WhatsApp self-service guarantees a minimal wait time and hassle-free as it provides an easy-to-use and convenient way to communicate in a format with which customers are already comfortable. It allows DStv to respond quickly and directly to customers and provides a phenomenal entry point for jumping into the messenger train for customer service.

“We place our customers at the heart of everything we do and what this means is anticipating how to make their experience at our touchpoints stress-free. This deployment is a testimony that we are serious about seeking innovative ways to improve customer experience on a continuous basis,” says MD of MultiChoice Ghana, Cecil Sunkwa-Mills.