Dominion TV Channels now on DStv and GOtv in Ghana

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, a pioneer of the African religious landscape, joined forces with his wife, Rosa Whitaker, to launch Dominion Television, the first Christian lifestyle network in Africa, now available 24 hours a day in 49 African countries on DStv (channel 364) and Gotv (channel 181).

Dominion’s original, exclusive and acquired content includes not only the best of African and world preaching, teaching, praise and prayer, but also films and documentaries; music and entertainment; news and comments; health and fitness features; children’s programs; uplifting and interactive talk shows; and much more.

“Christianity is not a series of events, nor is it a Sunday appointment with God, but it is a way of life. Through Dominion we are bringing the practices and principles of Christ into every facet of life,” declared Archbishop Duncan-Williams.

“Dominion must operate as an innovative consumer and tech-driven company in order to be sustainable, but we will never lose sight of our mission to deploy new methods and modern creativity to help people live impactful and purposeful lives through the powerful example of Christ,” added Rosa Whitaker.