Djibouti Telecom and to host future fiber optic submarine cables

On October 14, the incumbent telecommunications operator, Djibouti Telecom, announced the start of construction work on a new fiber-optic submarine cable landing station in Djibouti City. The building is touted as a neutral digital port that will provide open access cable landing service to submarine cable operators for a neutral, safe and secure landing.

According to Dijibouti Telecom, It will be deployed over three floors, each floor having a 250 square meter equipment room designed with the latest technology offering unparalleled operating efficiency and security to accommodate multiple cables. Its construction will be completed in April 2022.

A few days before Djibouti Telecom,, builder and manager of neutral data centers, announced the signing of a partnership agreement with the Internet service provider TO7 Network SAS for the construction of a second coupled neutral data center at a neutral submarine cable landing station. The installation is scheduled to start up in early 2022.

Fatma Ismael, CEO of TO7 Network, commented on the project saying: “This initiative is both necessary, due to the requirement of neutrality, and complementary to the infrastructure and cable system established by Djibouti Telecom, because all telecommunications infrastructure in the country will be connected, allowing customers open access and maximum flexibility”.

It has to be noted that the new technological infrastructures announced by Djibouti Telecom and will help improve broadband connectivity in the country, attract more international companies and realize the ambition of the Djibouti government which is to make the country a technological hub in the East Africa sub-region.