Discovery Channel announces new line-up in MENA

This August, Discovery Channel is embarking on a journey of exploration, with a dedicated line-up to fulfil the yearning of even the most avid adventurer. From missions to solve mysterious disappearances, to remote expeditions and voyages which require creative survival skills in order to make it through the night, adventure-seekers can tune-in to a special line-up of ‘Explore Your World’ content throughout August.

The shows will include ‘Unexplained and Unexplored’, which uses detailed historical maps with high-tech imaging to investigate mysteries of historical disappearances which have remained elusive for decades. ‘Expedition Unknown’ will take viewers to find answers to unsolved events, lost cities, buried treasures and other events.

‘Ed Stafford: Into the Unknown’ will be aired this week and will showcase photographs from the International Space Station. On the other hand, ‘Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters’ will be about the biologist exploring the underwater world. ‘Legends of the Wild’, however, is where Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffman, two wilderness experts will solve some of the most incredible mysteries of the natural world.

The non-stop adventure will begin at the start of August and will air across the MENA region via OSN Channel.