Diabatéba Music joins Universal Music Africa

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Covering 25 territories on the continent, Universal Music is a company belonging to the Vivendi group, just like Canal +. It is therefore on known ground that it has formalized the signature of the famous Cora player, Toumani Diabaté and his son Sidiki in addition to their label Diabatéba Music. The two Malians join artists like Toofan, Kiff Nobeat and Locko at Universal Music Africa.

Through this signature, Sidiki and his father and the artists of their label Diabatéba Music will now be produced by this production company.

According to the Director General of Universal Music Africa, Moussa Soumbounou, this partnership is not a coincidence. He intervenes after a long reflection on the market of Malian music. “Here in Mali, young people fill stadiums with 30,000 places. This means that there is a huge market with enormous potential that we want to support with this investment and commitment to the Diabaté family and the Diabatéba Music label, “said Franco-Malian Moussa Soumbounou.

He then spoke of the benefits that will benefit his new partners through this collaboration. “We will give them the benefit of our entire range of means of strategic development, advice, technical support, logistics, etc. We will invest with them to bring the maximum support in this project. We will produce Sidiki, Toumani and the artists of Diabatéba Music through this deal. We are not going to distort the music of Toumani and Sidiki. We will accompany them in order to set up collaborations with international artists. That is to say that the music of Diabaté comes into contact with the maximum of people here and elsewhere, “said the boss of Universal Music Africa.

According to the CEO of Canal +, Moussa Dao, his company will give more visibility to the works of Diabaté. “We are a sister company at Universal Music Africa. Both structures belong to the Vivendi group. We have a synergy that is being strengthened. The signature of Sidiki, Toumani and the label Diabatéba Music by Univeral Music Africa gives the opportunity to Canal + to make an exhibition on all 25 countries we cover with 50 million target families. This deal allows us to facilitate a number of events including the concerts of Sidiki and Toumani. Thus, just like Universal Music, the Canal + group will also have the right to use their images and broadcast them on its antennas, “said Moussa Dao.

Speaking to Universal Music Africa, Sidiki Diabaté reassured his General Manager that he will not be disappointed to sign with Diabatéba Music. “In Mali, it is true that we have no money, but culturally, Mali is more powerful than China,” reassures Sidiki Diabaté.