Cina Lawson of Togo Allowed to Grant 4G Licenses to Togocel and Moov

In Togo, the government wants to kill two birds with one stone: to provide 4G ultra-fast broadband mobile services and mobilize financial resources within the framework of the 2018 budget law.

To achieve this, the approval has just been granted to the Minister of Posts and Digital Economy, Cina Lawson, for the signing of orders related to the extension of the duration and scope of GSM licenses (2G and 3G ) granted to the duopoly formed by the public operator Togocel and Atlantique Telecom (Moov), until 2032.

The discharge was also given to Cina Lawson to award the 4G licenses to both operators, in accordance with the digital policy statement. A document that expects a 4G coverage of at least 40% of the population by 2022.

This new orientation is a precious lever for Lomé in pursuing reforms aimed at cleaning up public finances, in a delicate socio-political context. Thanks to the proceeds of the transactions related to the operating licenses, Lomé hopes to replenish its coffers to better finance the budget, management 2018 which a collective was announced last April.