Cell C offers new 30-day data-bundles in South Africa

Cell C has introduced a new price for its 30-Day data bundles and is offering new bundles in South Africa. This new array of offers start as from R5(0.30 USD) for 15MB to R95(5.68 USD) for 1GB in anytime data plus 1GB Nite data.

The South African telecom operator also stated that subscribers will benefit from an extra 1GB of anytime data when they subscriber to the R95 bundle from the Cell C App resulting in a total of 3GB worth of data.

The COO of Cell C, Simo Mkhize, commented, β€œAt this time, it is more vital than ever that South Africans are able to stay connected with one another. As a consumer-centric organisation, Cell C has always had the needs of its customers at the forefront of our pricing strategy.”

These packages are effective for a 30-day period and there are no restrictions on what subscribers can use their data on.