Cell C and MTN signed an expanded roaming agreement

MTN mobile operator South Africa, leader of the national telecommunications market, announces the extension of its roaming agreement with telecommunications company Cell C, the third largest operator in the market in terms of shares, to the entire national territory

In addition to the coverage area, the new agreement between MTN and Cell C incorporates the terms of the first agreement signed in May 2018, which provided for the roaming of Cell C on MTN’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

According to MTN, this deal is part of the development strategy of its wholesale business. The telecom operator believes that this collaboration, which can support the development of the national telecom sector, is profitable for both companies

“It’s a win-win strategy because it has long-term benefits for the economy, the sector and ultimately the consumers,” said Craigie Stevenson, President and CEO of Cell C.

For this small telecommunications operator struggling with financial difficulties, extending the roaming agreement with MTN is a “crucial step” in its recovery strategy, as it will enable it to be more profitable and more scalable. in capacity of his network. The company, majority owned by Blue Label Telecoms, said the expanded roaming agreement would be implemented early in 2020, with the transitional transition lasting 36 months.

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